The Rink at Wade Oval – Real Ice for 2012/2013?

The Rink at Wade Oval started it’s new season yesterday.  I took a group of friends with their kids there a couple years ago, so excited about the ambiance of skating outside on a beautiful Cleveland winter day.  We were surprised to find that rink was much smaller in person then it appeared to be on their website.  Also, the rink was not made of ice, but of plastic squares drizzled with a layer of silicone on top to make it slippery.

We rented the $3 skates and tried to skate on it, but skating on plastic is nothing like skating on real ice. The plastic squares were not fit together smoothly, which makes for a lot of tripping and falling, and skate blades cannot dig in to plastic as they do real ice.

When I got home, I checked the website again, and even though the pictures of the rink did look bigger and it appeared as if the people in the pictures were gliding gracefully, the site did disclose that the rink was indeed made of polymer.

This morning as I was brainstorming a list of fun things to do this winter in Cleveland, I was curious to see if the rink was open this year.  I headed over to their website and I was intrigued to see this:

“Lace up for the new fresh ice at the Rink at Wade Oval.”

There is no mention of polymer and when I called the Event Hotline for University Circle, they also say the rink is featuring NEW FRESH ICE.

Also on University Circle’s Twitter page @inthecircle says:

Come enjoy the real ice on the Rink at Wade Oval!

Could it be? Has the Rink replaced their plastic tripping hazard with real ice? I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who may know. I can’t wait to give it another try and a new review!


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