Heroes’ Day 2014 at the Great Lakes Mall

Great Lakes Mall will host Heroes’ Day on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 10a.m. to 9p.m.

Local safety enforcement agencies will engage with the community throughout the mall.  During Heroes’ Day, the public can engage with local heroes and learn ways to promote safety on the roads and in the community.

Heroes Day at the Great Lakes Mall

Other event programming for children and families will include:

  •   A kids safety presentation by Officer Phil
  •   Local Canine Unit presentation
  •   A seat belt safety activity, led by local Cub Scouts
  •   Impaired Driver simulator and demonstrations
  •   SWAT team and special Unit displays throughout the mall
  •   Various emergency vehicles on display
  •   Canine and wildlife presentation by Lake Metroparks
  •   Safe Communities Business of the Year awards presentation
  •   Poster contest winners for the Red E Fox 911 For Kids Program
  •   Awards presentation for the winners of the third grade Seat Belt Safety Poster Contest

Guests will also have the opportunity to see various patrol vehicles, view educational and interactive displays, including SWAT team and Special Unit displays, and speak directly with officers and firefighters in their community.

Heroes’ Day is an extension of Law Day, which has been held at Great Lakes Mall for more than 30 years.

“Heroes’ Day provides a great opportunity to interact with the people who work every day to keep our community safe,” ~Renee Sanden, director of marketing and business development, Great Lakes Mall.

For more information about Heroes’ Day and other events, follow Great Lakes Mall on Facebook at Facebook.com/GreatLakesMall or on Twitter @GreatLakesMall


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