I know I’ve been a little neglectful of Cleveland Kiddos recently. Things have been a little busier than usual, but I’ll be back soon with some great ideas and reviews of things going on in Cleveland. In the meantime, I’ve been tweeting this week over at @InTheCle. Here’s the post on that. I’ll be tweeting from there until Sunday afternoon! If you are interested in being the tweeter of the week, be sure to check out the blog and apply!


Hi my name is Jacquie and I’ve lived in the Cleveland area my entire life.

Among other things, I’m a proud not-so-stay-at-home-momma of two, a son and a daughter.  I say “not-so-stay-at-home” because the kids and I are always on the go.  Despite living in Cleveland my whole life, I love being a tourist in my own city.  There is always so much to do and things are always changing here.  That’s really what prompted me to start the blogs Hey Cleveland ( and Cleveland Kiddos (

My Cleveland blogs are somewhat new but they feature some of my favorite things to do in Cleveland as well as helping me get out there and learn more about my hometown.  I also love helping promote local businesses as well as my favorite local charities.

Some of my favorite things to do in Cleveland include shopping at the West Side…

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