The Greater Cleveland Aquarium Welcomes Electrifying New Resident

An electrifying new exhibit will open this Friday, February 13, 2015 at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

Taking up residence in a 600-gallon enclosure at the aquarium will be a four-foot long mature South American freshwater electric eel.  The exhibit is sponsored by FirstEnergy Corp.

New Electric Eel Exhibit at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Electric eels use electrocytes to generate up to 600 volts, more than five times the voltage of a standard 110-volt electrical outlet.

“We’re pleased to assist in bringing this important educational opportunity to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium,” said John Skory, regional president of the Illuminating Company, a FirstEnergy utility.  “The aquarium has proven popular with residents and tourists young and old, and seeing fascinating new exhibits like the electric eel is one reason people like to return.”

The electric eel joins more than 200 species of fish, reptiles, and other marine life in the aquarium’s state-of-the-art 500,000 gallon facility.  The electric eel exhibit will be located in the Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s Exploration Station gallery on the 2nd floor of the FirstEnergy Powerhouse.

Follow FirstEnergy on Twitter @FirstEnergyCorp and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium @CleAquaruim

For questions please contact the Greater Cleveland Aquarium at 216.862.8803.


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